These techniques will save the the nitty gritty picker in you from having anything to pick on once the artwork is complete 

1. Framing the canvas for a seamless finish 

It is better to work on a framed canvas so that the canvas stays tight while you work, and you are not likely to create creases on it thus have your working surface move. Most of our kits have a frame option. We offer a range of frame sizes to fit to your liking

2. Clean and calm work space 

It's important to cover the area where you plan to paint with old newspapers to keep it clean from paint catching on the floor. Yet, having a clean and tidy surrounding will help you focus on your painting and be able to heighten a sense of calm even better if it’s overlooking greenery 

3. Which direction to start best 

Start painting from the top of your canvas and continue downwards to avoid any smudging. If you are left-handed, it's better to start from the top right, similarly if you are right-handed start from the top left corner. This way you can avoid any smudges 

4. Background first 

Paint one colour at a time, preferably starting with darker tones. Usually the background is darker which will help you create an outline to your focal image. As soon as you finish with the background, continue with the rest of the areas 

5. Cleanly brushes

Clean the brushes every time you switch from one color to another. The paint dries very quickly and will ruin your brush if you do not wet it in your brush cleaning bowl frequently. A wet towel is also useful to drain out extra water from what the brush may hold 

6. Watch out for paint pods drying out 

Always be sure to close the paint lid when you are not using it, as acrylic may dry out faster. If the paint dries, you can gradually try adding water to restore its creamy texture.

7. Practice makes perfect 

If you accidentally fill in a number with the wrong corresponding colour, worry no more, you can wait for the paint to dry out completely and cover the surface with the correct colour again. If the wrong colour still shows through, double coat the correct colour over it 

8. Cannot undo overdo's 

A lot of colour is not necessary to cover even the tiniest areas on the canvas. Using too much colour would only result to smudging. Make sure to mix the paint with water forming a consistency which is not too runny

9. Timeout 

The whole point of paint by Numbers is that you relax into your painting so don’t rush into it. Do it in sections and allow yourself to breathe and feel free into the process

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