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If you’ve ever wondered how to rekindle a childhood memory or press pause to relax and pick up a painting you can frame and have admired by many, a skill you’re looking to sharpen or let it be even a value added custom gift to your loved one; Paint Art Australia is the place for you with a variety of 400+ designs to choose from! From breathing out an exhausting day to bond ties over tea, Painting is known for it’s calming nature. We help you sit, relax, unbox and follow a few steps to a rewarding frame of artwork

A wall with a story is a great conversational piece, leaving your guests awed at your painting skill. While our kit helps you brush up an artistic hand, a couple of fun and interactive hours is promised.  There’s no need to rush into your painting when the purpose of peacefulness and calm is found in how patient you are with finishing it so take your time and be free 

Painting by Numbers is a great way to rest your eyes and brain from screen time and connect with family and friends off the digital hook. We are all about how to serve the best designs for you to paint and that includes a choiceful selection to browse through. Making it the perfect gift idea or wall frame worthy art!

Paint Art Paint by Numbers through every brush stroke will be your toy tool and therapy. A vast selection from cities to people and nature to pick your best fit. All products manufactured are environment friendly, from healthy acrylic to linen canvas


Here at Paint Art Australia we aim to give you a chance to embrace your true artistic side. Our A-graded material from healthy acrylics and linen canvas are promising to make any design chosen from our stunning collection, A ‘Crowd awing piece’ not forgetting serving the biggest purpose being a great stress buster.

 Our mission is to make sure that you love and enjoy your kit and we won’t stop until we know you’re happy. We are more than just a Paint by Numbers store we show you the gateway to how best you can use your kit to making Paint by Numbers therapeutic, fun and a playful kit overall

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